Tax Preparation in Toronto, ON

Tax consultants at TBL Financial offer fast and effective tax services across Toronto, ON, and will make sure that you file your tax on time; never pay a late filing penalty again.

tax preparation Toronto ON

We take the worry out of the yearly responsibility of preparing your taxes. Whether you are a business filing a T2 or an individual filing T1 we have you covered. Just call to make an appointment and we arrange a pick up or drop off the resources needed to file your return. One of our consultants will prepare your return and will contact you usually within 2 business days with the completed results.

Individual returns are from 25.00 for a basic for a basic return and corporate returns are on an individual basis requiring an appointment with a tax consultant. If you require to have your whole family done including elegible dependents and other special circumstances, please let us know when you make an appointment.

For families especially please note that we must have the birthday dates, SIN, and any other applicable information for each member of the family.

Still need more information call us with the number listed below and ask for Gus.