A Five-Point Checklist to Help You Hire a Financial Consultant

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A Five-Point Checklist to Help You Hire a Financial Consultant

Every business wants to improve their financial situation with each passing year, however, not every business is able to progress. Not giving much importance to correct financial planning could be one reason why many don’t achieve their financial goals. In order to expand a business, reduce overhead, and always record a profit, you need expert advice from a financial consultant.

Financial consultants work with companies to plan their financial future by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments, and insurance decisions. Consultants meet personally with clients to assess their financial situation in order to present a financial plan that includes both short and long-term financial goals.

When looking at financial services for your company, there are several things to keep in mind when deciding on hiring a service provider. Bear in mind that you should have a good idea of what you need as a business, otherwise you will need to consult with an industry professional to first figure out what your needs should be. Presuming that you have a good idea of what you want and expect, here’s a five-point checklist to keep in mind when hiring a financial consultant.

1. Experience.

Look for someone with a few years under their belt. Awards are wonderful and some people have several awards on display, however, if they lack in fundamental experience, they may lack the seasoned quality of someone that has been in trenches and really knows their stuff.

2. Education.

We won't discount the importance that you look for someone that has the proper educational achievements. Combine this with experience and you have a winning combination. While some of the work is routine, an excellent education helps you solve problems that are outside routine.

3. Service Oriented.

A service provider is hired to provide you service for a fee. However, if you run into issues or need help, they should be able to find the time to react to you. You should hire someone that you feel comfortable with. Someone that will take care of your needs without making it seem like they are doing you a favor.

4. Clear Communication.

Have you ever read a service agreement? You may come across so much legal type that you have no idea what you are signing.

A service provider should be able to communicate to you on what you get and how much, what is included and what is extra. They must do so honestly and without you having to coax that information from them. If someone seems like they are hiding something and are asking you to sign Term of Service agreements, you need to be very careful and not sign any agreement that you are confused about or one that seems vague.

5. Personal touch.

When a financial consultant treats you like you're just another client account then you are just a means to an end. Do not expect them to move too quickly when you really need their help. Look for a provider that cares about all of their clients regardless of the size of the account. If you feel marginalized or unappreciated then find someone else.

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